Italian Ice Samples

Italian Ice Samples

Famous 70’s Ad Slogan also Applies to our Italian Ices

Try It, You'll Like It   Guess what Famous Brand had this Slogan?

Recent From a Happy Sample Order-

Hello Sir’s,

I received the Ice on Thursday as requested. I appreciate the fast delivery. I had my co-workers sample the Lemon Ice, which they loved and wanted to know how to purchase, and if they could initially buy it by the pint (which I thought was a great idea)! Then on Saturday, we took it by Chase Bank, where we opened our business account, and had the employees and some of the customers try all the flavors. They LOVED it!! I didn’t think the Iced Tea flavor would rave all that well, but that is actually on of my favorites. And to make an “Arnold Palmer” flavor by mixing it with the Lemon, is a great idea! I have yet to take it by the Human Resource department here on the base for the individuals to try it as well. All rave reviews on the Samples!!!

We are waiting to hear back from the cold storage warehouse before we can place our shipment. Hopefully they get back to us this week so that we may place an order on Monday!

Thanks again for your time, product, and service!



Click here to order your Italian Ice Sample from Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice-

Try It, You’ll Buy It.


italian ice cups

italian ice cups

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