Italian Ice Samples

Italian Ice Samples

Famous 70’s Ad Slogan also Applies to our Italian Ices

Try It, You'll Like It   Guess what Famous Brand had this Slogan?

Recent Testimonial From a Happy Italian Ice Sample Order-

Hello Sir’s,

I received the Ice on Thursday as requested. I appreciate the fast delivery. I had my co-workers sample the Lemon Ice, which they loved and wanted to know how to purchase, and if they could initially buy it by the pint (which I thought was a great idea)! Then on Saturday, we took it by Chase Bank, where we opened our business account, and had the employees and some of the customers try all the flavors. They LOVED it!! I didn’t think the Iced Tea flavor would rave all that well, but that is actually on of my favorites. And to make an “Arnold Palmer” flavor by mixing it with the Lemon, is a great idea! I have yet to take it by the Human Resource department here on the base for the individuals to try it as well. All rave reviews on the Samples!!!

We are waiting to hear back from the cold storage warehouse before we can place our shipment. Hopefully they get back to us this week so that we may place an order on Monday!

Thanks again for your time, product, and service!



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Try It, You’ll Buy It.


italian ice cups

italian ice cups


Red Bulls Soccer and Italian Ice

Red Bulls Stadium in Harrison New Jersey. Soccer Fans eating Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice in New Jersey.


Italian Ice in Cardboard Cans

Our Italian Ice cans are made of Cardboard and are assembled by hand at our manufacturing plant in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Not only are our Cans Biodegradable (GREEN) they also will increase your bottom line over Italian ice in Plastic Cans.  Here is why-

italian ice cardboard can

italian ice cardboard can

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is FLASH FROZEN in our freezer immediately after being made.  The frozen air from the FLASH FREEZER actually permeates the surface of the cardboard can causing it to freeze faster. Plastic cans on the other hand do not not have any air permeation and therefore freeze slower than cardboard cans therefore separating the Italian ice from the flavoring and leaving a Gooey/Syrupy Unusable  2- 3 inches at the bottom of the Plastic Can.

A couple of inches doesn’t sound like a lot of wasted product so I thought I would demonstrate to you how much this is actually costing you.

Each Inch of Italian Ice = 6.5 Servings (3 Scoops per Serving)

2 inches of Gooey, Syrupy, Unsellable Italian Ice on the bottom of a Plastic Italian Ice can equals 13 Wasted Servings.

Those 13 Wasted Servings out of a Plastic Can x $2/Serving = $26.00

Those 13 Wasted Servings out of a Plastic Can x $2/Serving = $39.00

You then would have to add $39 to whatever you are paying for your Italian Ice in Plastic Cans and that is the true cost of your Italian Ice.

Give us a call and start making more money by selling Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice in Cardboard cans.


800 763 4348


Maria’s Mom, Upstate NY

Maria from Maria’s Italian Ice sells our Italian Ices in Upstate New York. Her mom and dad drove down to Elizabeth, NJ to resupply Maria with more Italian Ices. Maria’s mom tried to get her on the phone to talk with us – watch video to see what happens.

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On The Road Again

Italian ice on the road again

Italian ice pushcart on the road again

Italian ice pushcart on the road again- A crazy photographer just sent me this picture of a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice Cart out and about this 4th of July weekend. The photographer told me she nearly drove off the road taking this picture of this ice cart.

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Just found out who this is-

Yes! Of Course! I was on my way to Lake Travis in Austin, Texas! Every weekend I set up at “Daybreak” Boat Rentals and Mini Golf, located on Hi-Line Dr. just off FM 620, in between Carlos n’ Charlies and Just For Fun!  Tons lake goers walk back and forth past my cart a day as I introduce them to Italian Ices! So far everyone loves it way better than snowcones and shaved ice and the free samples are the way to go! July 4th weekend was awesome complete with fireworks! P.S.- Thanks to the vendor with the Walmart idea! I booked a couple of dates!    Ursula in TX


Merry Christmas


Texas Family Business

Marius and family are keeping their fellow Texans cool with Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice. He has a really nice push cart setup and does a great job selling his Major League baseball helmets filled with Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices. Marius works alongside his father and brother- a true family business.


Sun Songs

While waiting for things to warm up here in NJ- I put together a bunch of songs with the words sun, sunshine and sunny in them.  What’s your favorite sun song? Let me know and I will add them to this play-list!  Cannot wait for spring and summer and fun at the Jersey Shore.

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