Italian Ice Recipe

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Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice

What is our ?

secret A 75 year-old secret Italian ice recipe taken from our great-great grandfather’s region in Sicily, Italy. Our Italian Ice is fat and cholesterol free and made the old fashioned way (without the use of modern machinery) to give it a superb taste.

How is Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice Served?

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is hand dipped into a pleated squeeze cup. No need for spoons. Do it the Jersey way and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze until you have enjoyed every drop of our delicious Italian Ice.

Blender Drinks:

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice makes an excellent ingredient in your blender drinks as well. In your blender add a couple of shots of your favorite spirit, throw a few scoops of Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice in (we recommend the fruit flavors), a half a cup of your favorite fruit juice and WOW! It is an excellent Italian ice recipe!

Italian Ice is also known as water ice (mostly in the Philadelphia area)