Little Jimmy’s in the News in 1990

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice News Story from 1990 on CNN. I found this on some old VHS tapes last week and transferred to my camcorder and then computer. Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is featured in this story regarding the USO and the First Gulf War.


High School Fundraiser- Musical

high school ice musical
ice musical

A few more pics from today’s action. The group ended up setting a school record for the project. They cleared $652.00 in sales for the week selling 2 scoops for a buck. 5 days at an hour and a half each day

Jim Bull, PA

PS- 11/05/2008 The group did a reconciliation of their week long business project in class. Good news !! They found out they made $100.00 more than they originally thought.

Total profit for the week was $752.00 after paying for product, supplies, advertising at school and t shirts for all crew members. They beat the school record from 2007 by $162.00.

Little Jimmy’s Rocks