Ypsilanti Classroom Invite

When we were in in October, I received a message on my cell phone from a teacher at an all boy’s academy in Ypsilanti, MI. The teacher, Lawrence, wanted me to speak to his class of 3rd -5th graders about being in business and . I said sure, we would do it, so my brother Tom and I headed over to their school and met a great group of young men very interested in becoming businessmen. The school last year started with 5 kids and now has grown past 20 and we were very impressed with the job Lawrence was doing with his . The below is a talk I gave and questions the students in Ypsilanti had for us. After our talk, they actually started to do fundraisers to get themselves started in their own business.
Here is a link to their school if you want to help them out. DM

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  1. Loved the video and these boys and good for you for getting the word out like this.

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