Author: elocalistest July 1, 2009

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice in Popular Literature

Couple of weeks ago, after I put my 8 year old son, Ryan, to bed, he ran downstairs and insisted I look at the opening page of  “Say Cheese – And Die Screaming! (Goosebumps HorrorLand Series #8 – # Publisher: Scholastic, Inc. #Pub. Date: March 2009)” , by R. L. Stine, I stared at the picture and realized that the Goosebumps cart on page one was actually our Italian Ice Cart that we sell throughout the USA. My son was so excited on his discovery that he couldn’t sleep for nearly two hours (he was up till almost 11:30PM) and insisted that I write to Scholastic and proclaim his discovery. He wanted to know how Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice and Goosebumps could do some sort of promotion together. DM

Goosebumps Altered Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice Cart
Original Photo Before Goosebumps version