Brain Freeze Video

Author: elocalistest June 21, 2010

Here is the video from from Newark Star Ledger‘s reporter Adya Beasley. This is the First ever Italian ice eating competition held in Englishtown, New Jersey at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey. More photos from the event are below this video. You will also learn how not to get a “brain freeze“…pretty educational actually.

Photos by Debbie Hampson


What did the big Yellow cup say to the small red cold cup..?


Enough said!


Cha Chil Chiller showed the crowd that the lady’s can hold their own


Cha-Chi Chillers Family show full support


Chris For the Love Katie Braun demonstrates the romantic side of Ices


Munchin Mike Longo has become one of Americas rising stars in Competitive Eating and showed NJ why


Ian The Invader Hickman almost forgets that there are  no bonus points for eating the cup


Charlie Two Engines Tapia squeezes out all the yummy Ice


The colors were splashing as these Food Warriors descended on America’s best Italian Ice:  Little Jimmy’s


Anerica’s top Food Warriors go bite for bite


Chris For the Love of Katie Braun: This young man proved that a warm heart can melt a cold Ice


There is no ecscape for these deliscious Original Recipe, Little Jimmys Italian Ices as Munchin Mike & The Invader take care of business

Ian The Invader demonstrates the Japanese Slurpkiamodo method of consumption


The Cha-Chi Chiller put down 8 of these in five minutes-not bad!

Ian The Invader smashes his way through the cold blue Tundra


Charlie Two Engines Tapia goes in for the kill-and then changes his mind