Here are the Top 10 Reasons our Customers Love Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices!
“Click on each item” on our top 10 list for a video or blog post example from our website!

  1. Each can of ice generates 110 – 3 scoop servings in a 5 oz pleated cup – Most people sell for $2 a cup- that’s $880 for selling 4 cans – cost of ice is under $130 – Great markup
  2. Can be run full or part time – Many people have a full time job and run the cart at events on the weekends.
  3. Easily fits in a SUV or minivan- if not here’s a cart carrier you can get on your car.
  4. Our ice has the same consistency from first scoop to last scoop- no wasted product- no syrupy mess- read this article.
  5. Time savings- make your sales and leave – easy setup and tear down- watch this video to see how quickly it is to set up a Little Jimmy’s Cart.
  6. Be outside where the fun is- watch one of our vendors here enjoying himself with his customers.
  7. Our Italian Ice is low calorie, no fat, no dairy. no high fructose corn syrup, no cholesterol
  8. Low cost to startup. You are buying directly from a Family Business Manufacturer of the Italian Ice and Pushcarts- no middlemen involved- when you call us at 800 763 4348, you are always speaking to a family member
  9. Customers are looking for something that’s easy to run and can be done with their family members or friends.
  10. Have lots of smiles from your customers- watch this video and count how many happy customers there
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