Never Did See One Kite in the Air

Author: elocalistest June 4, 2013

Kite Festival Italian Ices

 Testimonial Received Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 10:54 AM

Just wanted to share a look into our first $1,500 day. It was a Kite Festival held here in Reno annually. Their 4th, our 1st.

Turnout last year was about 3,500 but don’t have the numbers for this year yet. It was about 80 degrees that day and I brought 350 bottles of water as well, but due to line like shown in the picture, I didn’t even have time to get them out of the van. Next to us was CocaCola with 240 btls of water and they sold out by 2 pm.

The line shown in the pic was indicative of my non stop serving from 10:15 (for a 11 am start) until 3:50 when I finally stood up straight. Never did see one kite in the air.

Last year we booked 11 events and this year we have 64 lined up through October 15th.

Love Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices.

James Hinkle