Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices

Author: elocalistest January 18, 2016

We originally saw Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices in 2010 in Small Business Opportunities Magazine. We made some calls and did the ‘homework’ for starting the business, but due to other circumstances let the opportunity pass. We both had our regular jobs and continued on. In June of 2013, we were both working for the same company and both lost our jobs at the same time. They way that our jobs were eliminated did not even allow us to collect unemployment.

Ed had a life insurance policy that we decided to cash in, in order to buy our Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice cart. Since we were a long way from the east coast where Italian Ice is very well known, we ordered a single 3-gallon can of Lemon Ice. First, we wanted to sample it to see that it was authentic and second to try it out at a couple large community gatherings. IT WAS A HIT!

We sent our money in to place our initial order and received our cart and supplies within a week, and the ice came a few days later. This business has become so successful that it allowed us to pay our bills and keep ourselves going without a regular 9-5 job. It is a seasonal business because of the cold weather and lack of events in our area. We are however booked into a big Christmas Expo which will be held indoors.

This business has allowed us to keep the household running and help our children when needed. We are looking to get another Little Jimmy’s cart and are even expanding into other types of food that we can sell all year long. This fact is ironic as my husband had mentioned several times (even years ago back in NJ) that we should start some type of food business and I always said no because of too many regulations and health codes. It seems that Italian Ice is pretty much exempt from a lot of the strict health codes in many areas, so it’s the best of both worlds, said Ed.

Karen and Ed Hensas
November 2015