Customer Stories

In starting a business, you increase your chances for success by offering something that others don’t. Years later, choosing Little Jimmy’s has proven to be a great decision.

My area has plenty of Sno-Cones, Snowballs, Shaved Ice and Slushies offered all over the place, but no Italian Ice so I decided to bring it to the people.

The Little Jimmy’s carts fit inside all doorways and on elevators making me accessible to everyone wherever they want to me to be. This has been a huge boost for business, especially when bad weather happens, and events get moved indoors. Food Trucks can’t go inside, but I can. I’m often setting up inside schools in the cafeteria or close to the gym areas to get sales as people don’t want to go outside for food in bad weather.

The health benefits are a great sales driver. Parents approach and let me know their kids dietary and/or allergy restrictions and I’m often the only dessert there that their kids enjoy. The kids and parents light up like Christmas Tree’s with joy when I say it’s Dairy Free, Egg Free, Cholesterol Free, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fat Free, etc. Sales, Sales, Sales:)

The fitness enthusiasts love me when I say it is only 15 calories per scoop.

I worked a prepaid College event in my area along side another popular dessert vendor in my area. We both were paid by the school to serve the students and it was both of our 1st time being there. 95% of the students hopped in my line and didn’t leave. It was 2 hours of straight scooping. It got so bad the event organizer stood up and announced that the other vendor was beside me with their product if anyone wanted to not wait in line and not a single person moved. Once no one moved she told the other vendor “Ok, I tried” Word spread quickly how good the product was and the kids had to have it.

There is no downside to Little Jimmy’s business model. Great Product, Great Carts with Great Service makes an excellent business opportunity.

– Jay, North Carolina

“Since I work mostly at events, I have both a state business permit and I obtain daily permits as required by the event. Similarly, I am not required to have a sink or sanitation and hand wash station, but I do have water present for these purposes. In my experience, the most popular flavors are Cherry, Lemon, Mango and Watermelon. I sell my ice in multiple sizes, ranging from 3 ounces to 8 ounces, for reasonable prices.”

– Davia Edwards, Maryland, customer since 2021

“Working mostly events but I did obtain a local business permit. I am also required to have a licensed commissary [a facility that has sinks for prepping and cleaning equipment]. I have found that Watermelon is the most popular flavor in my area, and I receive a lot of requests for Mango as well. I receive my Italian ice deliveries to a cold storage facility and use both that, as well as my home freezer, for overnight and weekend storage.”

– Sharon Casio, Mimi’s Italian Ice in Louisiana, customer since 2019

“I sell at local flea markets and other big events. They did not require me to obtain a local business permit, I just use an EIN [employer identification number]. I have two steady locations at the Ayden Flea Market on Saturdays and Poor Man’s Flea Market on Sundays, plus additional events.

Even though the Health Department does not require it, I include both a portable sink and a sanitation and hand wash station at my stands.

The popular flavors in my area are Cherry, Blueberry, Mango, and Fruit Punch. Right now, I sell my ices in various sizes for reasonable prices.

I have my product shipped to my local cold storage facility, which I then store in two large freezers that I have invested in at home.”

– Tanisha Cherry of Kenz Blenz in North Carolina, a Little Jimmy’s customer since 2021


We originally saw Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices in 2010 in Small Business Opportunities Magazine. We made some calls and did the ‘homework’ for starting the business, but due to other circumstances let the opportunity pass. We both had our regular jobs and continued on. In June of 2013, we were both working for the same company and both lost our jobs at the same time. They way that our jobs were eliminated did not even allow us to collect unemployment.
Ed had a life insurance policy that we decided to cash in, in order to buy our Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice cart. Since we were a long way from the east coast where Italian Ice is very well known, we ordered a single 3-gallon can of Lemon Ice. First, we wanted to sample it to see that it was authentic and second to try it out at a couple large community gatherings. IT WAS A HIT!

We sent our money in to place our initial order and received our cart and supplies within a week, and the ice came a few days later. This business has become so successful that it allowed us to pay our bills and keep ourselves going without a regular 9-5 job. It is a seasonal business because of the cold weather and lack of events in our area. We are however booked into a big Christmas Expo which will be held indoors.
This business has allowed us to keep the household running and help our children when needed. We are looking to get another Little Jimmy’s cart and are even expanding into other types of food that we can sell all year long. This fact is ironic as my husband had mentioned several times (even years ago back in NJ) that we should start some type of food business and I always said no because of too many regulations and health codes. It seems that Italian Ice is pretty much exempt from a lot of the strict health codes in many areas, so it’s the best of both worlds, said Ed.

– Karen & Ed

Received all my stuff on Friday and participated in my very first event on Saturday. I was very nervous however before I had even set up I got my first 6 customers who were tourists.
The day went pretty good as we had constant lines all day. We cleared well over$1200 and have another event booked this Saturday at a Fair. Will be calling you for some tips.”

– Dion, Bahamas

I just wanted to drop a quick note. I have been selling the Ice the last 3 weekends and have already paid myself back for the two deep freezers and the first order of 40 cans of Ice. And I am into profit and still have a lot of ice left. Best decision I have made in a long time. Looking forward to doing more business with you.

– Cathy, Texas, Started 2016

Back in March, Maria and I bought a cargo trailer, hooked it up, and drove to NJ to start our new Italian Ice business! After following the Little Jimmy business for about 8 years I decided to just go for it! We bought two carts, 35 cans of ice, and enough Supplies to get started! We were excited, anxious, and nervous all at once! WELL FOLKS, in only 5 months we have added 2 additional carts and supplies ( paid for from profit made from the business),are in three malls with 4 carts, and am hoping to add one more cart before the season is over! Next season we are hoping to double our fleet!

I have long been searching for a business with little risk but huge profit that would be the answer to my retirement! IVE FOUND IT!! The potential income one can make from selling Italian ice from a small push cart is insane!! Hopefully in a couple more years Maria and I will be able to live half the year here and the other half in the Philippines, then bringing this business there with us to employ her entire family!

THANK YOU Mike Sr. and George Maglione, your wives, Mike Jr., and all of the rest of this true Italian Maglione family owned and operating business for making the best Italian Ice on the planet! Little Jimmy’s may be our brand but Maglione is the name! A family I’m proud to be a part of from now until my last breath!

– Dan Ham, NC, 2016