Italian Ice Kiosks

Now you can set up at a semi-permanent location in style.
The unit has a freezer compartment that can accommodate up to eleven flavors. It has two flip top lids, so two employees can work side by side. This kiosk is not just a freezer on wheels, it is professionally constructed from commercial components, to give you years of service. All of the exposed surfaces as made of quality stainless steel and back-printed Lexan graphic panels.

To wash away your board of health issues, this model is equipped with a hand wash sink, complete with hot and cold running water. Just plug it in to a 110 outlet and fill the internal water tank. No outside plumbing needed.
Best of all, it is NSF certified to be used in all 50 states. (California models available at additional cost)
This kiosk is also customizable, so you can order it in larger or smaller sizes. It can be made with or without the hand wash sink. It can even be set up with a three compartment sink. The overhead canopy is made of Lexan graphic panels that are back lit by LED lighting inside. It is easily lowered and raised to fit through doorways. The kiosk is available without the canopy and the standard Little Jimmy umbrella can be used instead. Properly sized covers are also available.
For more information on your kiosk needs and package pricing please call the office.
Little Jimmy’s