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Dear Jersey Ice,

Hi Dennis, Thank you for all the helpful information regarding Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice. We are thinking about it for a future business. My husband grew up in Colonia and used to drive a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice truck. That was many years ago. Currently we are living at the NJ shore, but we are moving to the Houston, Texas area in June and were thinking about starting a small business there. We will be located right between Houston and Galveston in League City, Texas. Most people in Texas don’t even know what Italian Ice is. We were in San Antonio in July and happen to see one of your push carts at the San Antonio River Walk. My husband and I walked over to buy some and the guy working the cart asked if we would like to sample some. My husband told him that he used to sell Little Jimmy’s years ago in NJ.

He went on to tell us that most people in Texas have never even heard of Italian Ice. Someone else told us that a family from Lodi, NJ moved down and opened an Italian Ice store someone in the Houston area. With the warm Texas weather, I bet it would be a great business to invest in. I bet a push cart would do great at the Houston Rodeo and Livestock show and the Mardi Gras in Galveston.Thanks again. All information is greatly appreciated.
I am sure you will be hearing from us in the near future.

Rebecca Olbrys

Received my samples today. Italian ice is GREAT!!! I thought that I had it before,but the stuff from the grocery store is GARBAGE, after tasting the real thing!!!!! I love it…Now,I was wondering about the rainbow flavor; Is there not a rainbow,thats pre-mixed? On yur web site,in the pics of the flavors,you guys have one that looks like its already made that way? Either way, it’s great! As soon as I get all my permits & things together I’ll be purchasing plan B. Thanks guys, I’m confident that this is gonna be a good money maker.

Jason, NC

I had to write you as August comes to a fast close because it is also the close of my first summer in business with you. As you know I am the owner of a Candle retail store and I was looking for an opportunity to generate cash over the summer and boy am I glad I took action in May to seize the moment. I purchased 1 cart and 60 cans of Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice and within 3 weeks I ordered 2 more carts because I found locations and had events I could attend. Again, I was glad I acted because as August closes I will have sales over 50,000! Not bad for being NEW with NO experience. Of course it was a busy summer learning and adjusting and it was hot but the best part of it was the fact I got to work with my 13 yr old son Ross. He attended and “worked” with me scooping at all the events. Spending time with him teaching him practical business is priceless but I have to share the best part with you. We had two events scheduled on the same weekend. I was to attend one and the other I put Ross in charge with a 19 yr old employee. The employee was told Ross was in charge and that was fine because they had worked together at other locations. Well, Ross called me up at 5:30 near the end of the first day and reports he broke the sales record with 1088.00 in 6 hours! He also ran out of Ice 30 minutes before the event was over. WOW! I said to him that night I will give you a 20.00 bonus if you can break 1100.00 he said DONE. I gave him 2 extra cans and the next day I waited and waited for his call. No call at 3, no call at 4, no call at 5 and finally at 6:30 he calls and says “Dad, you owe me 20.00” Turns out both days had 30 foot lines and he not only broke 1100.00 he did 1150.00! A great for anyone of any age not alone a 13 yr old kid. As I was paying him the bonus he asked if I could make it a 25.00 bonus… YA BABY! NO PROBLEM. So, the summer was great in many, many ways but I wanted to thank you all at Jersey Ice for excellent advice, guidance, quality product and most of all having the opportunity to share the excitement of being your own boss with my son. Next year we go to 5-7 carts!


Jay & Ross Johnson Massachusetts


My name is Ronda Hyams, and I am now the new councilwoman elect in Robbinsville, N.J. In brainstorming how to get out to talk with as many people as possible in one day during our campaign we came up with the idea to rent an (Italian ice) ice cream truck. Well, it worked! We had a landslide victory. Jeff took us around anywhere we needed to go. He was such a pleasure to work with. He knew exactly what we needed and helped out every step of the way. We had a great time with him, the truck and the people. Thank you, Jeff for helping us win our election. I hope there is another event that we can work on together. If there is, you will definitely hear from me. Thanks from our entire state.The best way to a voter’s heart is through their stomach!

Ronda Hyams

Dear Little Jimmy’s, 

Well after many months the wait is over. Yesterday was the first day I started my route here in Florida. The reaction I got from my customers was unbelievable. I followed all your advice and gave out free samples my first day. Many people born and raised here were unfamiliar with the product. After receiving their free sample I had new, happy customers whom had never even heard of Italian ice. On the other hand those who had moved to this state from somewhere else, where overjoyed to see my truck. I literally had adults acting as young kids again, jumping up and down when they heard the music, and saw the truck. They told me it was a pleasure to experience good old fashioned Italian ice that they had growing up back home. They kept telling their kids, “this is the good stuff not what we have around here like the slushies and Sno-cones”. I even had some of these converts sell my ice for me as they told people passing by to try it for themselves because it was so delicious. You guys said your Italian ice was good but I am now a believer myself after witnessing my new customers reactions and spending frenzy. I went to all the construction sites and local businesses and boy did I do well. Your input and support over the past couple of months was invaluable. I would like your future cart and truck buyers to know that it’s a little tricky in the beginning, learning all the rules and regulations but is it ever worth it. I love working for myself and not having to answer to no one, I set my own hours, I keep all the money, and besides its fun! I am even looking to expand soon because I understand the potential more trucks and carts can bring me.

Sincere Thanks,




Tony F

I’m so happy, the sun is out and Little Jimmy is back. You guys have the best ice in the world.


Dear Little Jimmy`s Italian Ice,

We are the Barry Family From Westfield, NJ. I want to thank your driver for all the free toys he gave my four kids when they came out today to buy Italian Ice. Its nice to know there’s still good people in this world. The good humor truck never gives out anything. We think he’s cheap!! I told my kids only to buy from Little Jimmy`s from now on.. Thanks so much

Thomas A Barry

I just love our Ice Lady as my daughter calls her. I call her June. We have 2 other trucks that come by our house one of which is a Good Humor truck. I wouldn’t even think of buying from the others. My daughter and I love our Little Jimmy’s Ice. I feel good about treating her to a favorite summer snack from my childhood. I feel good about the product and the service. The little prizes that you give out add that extra touch! Keep up the good work.

Pam Pica

Belleville, New Jersey

We’ve just moved to New Jersey from Texas 30 days ago . We now live in Edison NJ . I had my first Little Jimmy Italian Ice 2 days ago. This stuff is great. They have nothing like this in Texas , they have no idea what there missing. Good thing we Moved here..

Billy Hannen

I live in Jersey City and our Little Jimmy man is so nice. My family will only buy from him or his wife. Keep up the good work and I love your web site.

Jersey City, NJ


Middletown, NJ

I just received my week of YUMMY Little Jimmy’s free Italian Ices. My father loved them as a kid (and an adult w/me). I loved them as a kid and I love them now and share them with my kids. I guess you can say Little Jimmy’s is a family tradition. I know it will stays that way for my grandchild and their children and so on and so on…

Michele Gelardi
Iselin, NJ

Hello my name is Susan I have lived in Carteret, NJ all my life and have always loved Little Jimmy Italian since I was a kid and waited for the truck to pass my house everyday. Now I am an adult with my own house and children but I still run for the Little Jimmy truck, it’s the ONLY italian ice out there, it’s the best. Hey and thanks for the 7 free ices I played the game and won so I will be enjoying my ices as soon as the truck passes. It’s great to share something of your childhood with your child on a hot summer day. Thank You

Susan Chervenak
Carteret, NJ