Italian Ice in Cardboard Cans

Our are made of and are assembled by hand at our in Iselin, New Jersey.

Not only are our cans biodegradable (GREEN), they also will increase your over Italian ice in plastic cans. Here is why-

italian ice cardboard can

Italian Ice cardboard can

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is FLASH FROZEN in our immediately after being made. The frozen air from the FLASH actually permeates the surface of the cardboard can causing it to freeze faster. Plastic cans, on the other hand, do not not have any air and therefore freeze slower than cardboard cans. This causes the Italian Ice to separate from the flavoring and leaves a gooey, syrupy unusable 2-3 inches of product at the bottom of the plastic can.

A couple of inches doesn’t sound like a lot of wasted product so I thought I would demonstrate to you how much this is actually costing you.

Each inch of Italian Ice = 6.5 servings (3 scoops per serving)

2 inches of gooey, syrupy unusable Italian Ice on the bottom of a plastic Italian Ice can equals 13 wasted servings.

Those 13 wasted servings out of a plastic can x $2/serving = $26.00

Those 13 wasted servings out of a plastic can x $3/serving = $39.00

You then would have to add $39 to whatever you are paying for your Italian Ice in plastic cans and that is the true cost of your Italian Ice.

Give us a call and start making more money by selling Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice in cardboard cans.

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