In the beginning…

Welcome to Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices Blog- This is our first post!

This will be a starting point to introduce myself and my fellow co-workers, my mom, dad and brothers in our natural environment, that is, a family business.

My mom- Phyllis Moore (maiden name Philomena Theresa Mastrogiacomo) was born in 1942 in Elizabeth, NJ (home of Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice.)

My dad- Harry Moore (maiden name Harry Moore) was born in 1940 in Hazelton, PA (home of Jack Palance Oscar-winning actor) purchased the company from his father (Albert Moore, founder of Little Jimmy’s) in 1971.

Jeffrey Moore- second oldest brother is Chief Manufacturer of Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices and ardent Yankee fan.

Tom Moore – third oldest or second youngest, is a happy pug owner and a viral video fan.

Anthony Moore- youngest of the Moore clan, recently returned from Florida to help out with our growing business.

Dennis Moore (me), graduated Albright College in English Communications in 1985, is the proud dad of twins (one of each), and major movie and music enthusiast.