Holiday Business Activity

#1: We were able to set up shop in less than 15 min to include the sink, tables and our helmet displays. We started off pretty good foot traffic was decent the free samples were key for us, once people got a taste we had folks coming back. I'm sure we had a little buzz going around for "Little Jimmy's Italian Ice". Unfortunately Monsoon season decided it wanted to dump rain on us and we Read More

CBS Good Day Sacramento

Little Jimmy‘s Italian Ice gives you the ability to be creative and name the Italian Ice business yourself- just like the Bradshaw Family in California. Check out their Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice business (named Little Bee’s) Read More

Sugar – Always have always will!

Interesting report from Minnesota Public Radio…reminds me that Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice has never used corn syrup in our Italian Ices and never will… we have been using pure cane sugar in our Italian ices now for close to 75 years! Click here to read the story and listen to their recent radio report – […] Read More