Premium 4 and 6 Can Push Carts

Premium 4 can push cart.

Premium 4 can push cart. See details below for stacking details.

Premium 6 can insulated or electric with optional plexiglass sneeze guard.

Premium 6 can insulated or electric with optional plexiglass sneeze guard.

We would like to introduce a new premium line of Little Jimmy push carts. With the ever changing Health Department standards in some states, we have developed prototype carts that meet the NSF International Standard for Food Equipment.The new carts have ultra premium Little Jimmy graphics, created to be almost scratch proof, weather proof and fade resistant. They are equipped with lockable lids, umbrella attachment, and optional plexiglass sneeze guard.

These are larger than our standard Little Jimmy carts (40″ x 25″ x 32.5″ high) and do NOT fit into most SUV’s and mini-vans. Sizes available are:

  • 4 can (5 gallon or 8 3-gallon stacked 2 high) 30″ x 30″ x 41″ high optional item removable freezer cold plates.
  • 6 can (5 gallon or 12 3-gallon stacked 2 high) 41″ x 30″ x 41″ high optional item removable freezer cold plates.
  • Electric cart for 6 cans (4 5-gallon, 2 partial/3-gallon size) 41″ x 30″ x 41″ high.

These are available to pre-order with a deposit for existing customers.
New customers can upgrade their cart packages, deposit required.

Contact the office for more information at 1-800-763-4348.


Family Italian Ice Business To Go

Paul visited us this Saturday and picked up his italian ice cart and lots of Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice and was on his way.  He was going to start up his push cart business with his kids and was already scheduled for several events already in Maryland- Give us a call to get yourself started – 800 763 4348 and ask for anyone here – Little Jimmy’s Italian ices we’re an all family business.


Italian Ice in Atlantic City

Another Day, Another Customer

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One of our newest customers just picked up a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice pushcart from our offices in beautiful Elizabeth, New Jersey this past weekend. The Manes’ have a great location in Atlantic, City, NJ and have all sorts of things lined up for this coming Italian ice season. Now is a good time to get yourself a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice pushcart- all you need is a good location and events to go to and you’re all set! Give us a call at 800 763 4348 and get started.


Our Pushcarts Talk…Really!

What makes a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice Cart Special?

Besides holding four cans of our delicious Italian Ice all day long, they also talk.

Our pushcarts tell stories of entrepreneurs selling Italian Ice and having fun.

Here’s the story of Ross and his pushcart from 4th of July last summer.

You can see more stories by clicking here.

Our carts talk….really!


Little Jimmys Videos on YouTube

I was searching around YouTube the other night and found a bunch of videos that some of our customers had uploaded that I had never seen before. I thought I would put them up on our blog so you could take a look at these YouTube Videos also. Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is a fun and easy business that nearly anyone can do.

If you have not done so yet, sign up here to get more information on our Italian ices and pushcarts. Click here to check out these videos.

Newly Discovered Little Jimmys You Tube Videos

Newly Discovered Little Jimmys You Tube Videos


Italian Ice Pushcarts

Get Started Today


Own Your Own Italian Ice Pushcart:

A push cart is also perfect way to start a new business. Buy four Italian ice push carts or more and have a fleet that you can place daily at parks, sports fields, flea markets, beaches, concession stands, etc.; you know where the spot is, IT’S WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE! And of course we would love to share more information with you even if you are only interested in one pushcart too.

We will show you how for a minimum investment. Whatever money you spend will go towards your product or your equipment! There are no royalties or advertisement fees or any other ridiculous fees. JUST PROFITS! We are not into franchising, just selling you Italian Ice Pushcarts and Italian Ices.

Call us at (800) 763-4348 for more information on our Italian ice pushcart program.