Larry Garman & Lacey Jean

In the state of Washington, individuals who receive state support must be working, or on a pathway to employment. With her parents’ help, Lacey Jean Davis of Montesano, Washington, who is disabled by cerebral palsy, has become not just a valuable member of the workforce, she is an entrepreneur!
In fact, she was named the Entrepreneur of the Year at a Dinner in her honor in Michigan in October. The video below features her Dad, Larry Garman, speaking on her behalf.


Little Jimmy’s in the News in 1990

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice News Story from 1990 on CNN. I found this on some old VHS tapes last week and transferred to my camcorder and then computer. Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is featured in this story regarding the USO and the First Gulf War.


New Customer Video playlist

Even though our customers are out there hard at work, they still have time to share with us videos and pictures of their adventures selling Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice where they live- Here are some more videos from our customers over the last couple of months-


Video Playlist of Customers

Little Jimmy’s Customers in Action!

Having trouble watching the video? Click here!

Having trouble watching the video? Click here!


Lacey Jean Enterprises

Lacey Jean Enterprises in the State of Washington Television Spot


Fun with Dick and Jane

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At the Movies

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice products were provided to the set department of the Jim Carrey movie, “Fun With Dick and Jane.” Look for the Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice pushcart and products when you watch it on television or DVD.

“Fun With Dick and Jane” is an update of the 1977 comedy, which starred Jane Fonda & George Segal, where a married couple turn to robbery to pay the bills. This time Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni star in this madcap farce which released December of 2005.

Official “Fun With Dick and Jane” Website:

Video: At The Movies

  1. Fun with Dick and Jane: clips
  2. Elizabeth, New Jersey–November 23, 2004–Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice ( is an out-of-the-box business that’s already made it to the “big-time.” It’s becoming a Hollywood legend thanks to the marketing genius of the company’s marketing director, Dennis Moore. Moore states, “I was looking for a way to get a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice cart in front of as many people as possible when I saw a street vendor in a movie. I thought, ‘Wow-that’s it!'” Moore contacted a firm specializing in movie product placement, and provided them with photos of his colorful carts.

    Product placement in films is a win-win situation. Little Jimmy’s is shown in a flattering light and the producers get real-life props. “It’s a great way to gain tremendous exposure,” states Moore. Plus, this is the kind of campaign that keeps on giving. Moore comments, “Being in a movie helps my customers, not just for a week or a month. When the film comes out on DVD, the campaign goes on and on.”

    Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice is known for offering assistance to customers every step of the way. Their website is packed with everything you need to either start a business immediately, or add to an existing business, including instructional videos. Moore beams when he talks about helping fledgling startups, “I try to give them the benefit of my family’s seventy-five years of experience making and selling our Italian Ice.” One piece of advice he’s quick to pass out is: “Be smart with your marketing dollars. Always consider ways to leverage what the parent company is doing. In this case, when these movies come out, all our cart owners can get even more visibility with local contests for tickets, coupons, etc.”