Leanne from Kentucky First Year selling Italian Ice

This is probably one of the longest videos we have ever received at Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices. I sometimes edit these videos to under five minutes, however in this case I thought it would be interesting to see the entire video from a customer’s point of view. Everything from getting the cart and setting it up, to attending an event, and the actual event itself. First half of the video has to do with . The second half of the video is all about the air show that Leanne was watching while selling Little Jimmy’s . As an vendor, you get a front Row seat to cool events that you attend. Leanne observed rescues, Fighter Planes flying overhead, parades, all while working- something you certainly cannot do from behind a desk! If you are interested in selling italian ices also give us a call at 800 763-4348 and we will help to get you started.

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